Lee Soap’s Warewash Program is designed to meet our customers’ needs with a complete line of quality and affordable warewash products. Our line includes presoaks, manual and machine warewash detergents, rinse additives, sanitizers and delimers in a complete selection of sizes.

These products are available in:

  • Solids
  • Powders
  • Liquids
  • Gels


Lee Soap will partner with you in the development of your own private label look and products. Using your brand, or we can develop/design one for you. Lee Soap will design a marketing program that includes:

  • Market and Company Specific Performance Enhancing Products
  • Branding (Labels, SDS Sheets, Charts)
  • Marketing Programs
  • Employee Training
  • Sales Training
  • Assistance with Regulatory Compliance

Your  custom designed quality products combined with your label, service and reputation will build customer loyalty and brand recognition within your marketplace.

Imagine promoting  a product line that highlights your company and your brand instead of the manufacturer!

This is just a sampling of a complete line of products we offer. Please contact us for specifics on custom formulations, marketing packages and comprehensive product line for you.



Efficiently clean your restaurants dishes with the proper commercial dishwashing detergent that’s compatible with your dishwasher. Our industrial dishwashing detergent is formulated to be used during the first step of the dishwashing process, and it will properly clean the dishes in your high or low temperature dishwasher.

  • Correct Dual Temp Premium
    Premium Dual Temp Premium
  • Achieve
    Premium Solid Warewash Detergent
  • Prelude Dual Temp
    Dual Temp Warewash Detergent


EPA registered sanitizers that are required in low temperature dishwashers to kill bacteria. Quat sanitizers designed to be used in kitchen prep areas and customer areas requiring sanitization.

  • Sani-Kleen 10C 10% Chlorine
    Chlorine Warewash Sanitizer
  • Quat-Kleen Quat Sanitizer/Disinfectant
    Quat Sanitizer/Disinfectant
  • Pine Quat- Pine Scented Disinfectant
    Pine scented hard surface disinfectant. No rinse sanitizer specially formulated for food contact 


Solid and Liquid rinse aids that encourages rapid sheeting of water from dishes to decrease drying times. For use in high or low temp machines.

    Premium Solid Rinse Aid
  • Sparkle Plus Rinse Premium HW Rinse Aid
    Premium HW Rinse Aid
  • Finish Rinse L-100 Standard Rinse Aid
    Concentrated Rinse Additive


Effective hand wash pot and pan soap that’s gentle on hands and tough on soils, Long-lasting suds that cut through grease and grime with ease, resulting in sparkling clean pots, pans, and dishes.

  • DAZZLE Pot and Pan S-2000 Solid
    Pot & Pan Solid
  • Pot Shot Premium Hand Wash
    Premium Manual Warewash Detergent
  • Pink Luster
    Manual Warewash Detergent


Our presoaks effectively loosens, softens, and removes food soil films from silverware, stainless steel, flatware and any other tableware material.SATURATE S-2000 Silver Soak Solid 8 lb

  • SATURATE S-2000 Silver Soak Solid 8 lb
    Solid Silver Soak (non chlor)
  • Perform P-1000 Powdered Silver Soak non chlor
    Powdered Silver Soak
  • Brilliant P-1000C – ChlorinedDestainer
    Powdered Non-Chlorine Destainer *

Every appetizer, entree, dessert, or beverage you serve to your customers can taste delicious, but if they’re served on or in a dirty piece of tableware, the experience will be ruined! Check out our selection of manual dish washing and sanitizing chemicals that will help you keep your pots, pans, and plates clean and sparkling! Choose from bleachers and destainers to tackle tough stains, dish washing soaps to remove dirt and grime, and polishing cleaners to add a visually-appealing shine. You’ll also find sanitizers to disinfect dishes, as well as tableware presoaks to use before the actual wash and rinse cycle.

These manual dish washing and sanitizing chemicals are available in liquid, powder, or solid form. Use a presoakser in the first well of your three compartment sink, a detergent in the second, and a sanitizer in the third. These three steps will remove caked-on food and sauce, while also killing any harmful germs and contaminants. You can even check out our eco-friendly dish washing soap options for use in your environmentally-friendly establishment.

  • Prosoak Liquid Silver Soak
    Liquid Silver Pre-Soak


Perfect for cleaning your dishwasher, steam tables, and coffee urns. An acid-based cleaner effectively eliminates lime and scale buildup to help make your equipment work better and last longer.

  • Scale Away Descaler
    Concentrated Lime Solvent
  • Lime Away De limer
    Liquid Lime Solvent


Various products for ovens, grills and hoods. This cleaner offers thorough penetration of encrusted grease and grime. It is highly effective in the removal of those deposits found in baking ovens, especially baked-on fats, greases and carbon.

  • Cutter Viscous Alkaline Degreaser
    Viscous Alkaline Degreaser
  • Sizzle ( 6/1 quarts) Hi Temp Grill Cleaner
    Hi Temp Grill Cleaner
  • Expel P-1000 Deep Fat Fryer Powder 15lb
    Deep Fat Fryer Powder
  • Abolish
    Heavy Duty Kitchen Degreaser

*All products available for private labeling


We have a wide variety of exceptional products that will take care of every need in have in your establishment. From bathrooms to floors to drains and freezers we have what you need.

  • Slam
    Neutral All Purpose Cleaner
  • Refresh tub and Tile Bath Cleaner
    Tub and Tile Bath Cleaner
  • Foamy
    Foaming Hand “Soap”
  • Balance Pearl Hand Soap
    Hand Soap with Lanoline
  • Command anti-bacterial hand cleaner
    Anti-bacterial hand cleaner
  • Break Down Enzyme Drain Treatment
    Enzyme Drain Treatment
  • Brisk Freezer Cleaner
    Freezer Cleaner
  • Gleam Kleen Cleaner LF Bar Glass Brush
    Low Foam Bar Glass Cleaner
  • Glisten Solvent Bar Glass Descaler
    Bar Glass Descaler
  • Shine Concentrated Glass Cleaner
    Glass Cleaner Conc 10:1
  • Shine RTU Glass Cleaner
    RTU Glass Cleaner
  • Citra Shot
    Multi-Surface Cleaner /Degreaser
  • Pro Kleen 500
    Heavy-Duty Alkaline Degreaser
  • Dyna-Clean
    Multi-Purpose Degreaser
  • Knock Out
    Floor Cleaner
  • Power Kleen P-1000 Floor Cleaner
    Powdered Floor Cleaner
  • Mop and Move No Rinse Floor Cleaner
    No-Rinse Floor Cleaner

*All products available for private labeling

Discover how Lee Soap’s Warewash solutions can deliver greater results and efficient operations.