Choices . . . every car wash owner must make critical choices in the use of cleaning chemicals.

  • Great operators make the choice to use “gentler non-corrosive chemistry” in their cleaning products.
  • Other operators, choose the “cheap corrosive chemisty” inexpensive approach to “burn” their customers’ cars clean. Damaging vehicles and putting employee’s and customer’s safety at risk.

Operators who choose “gentler chemistry” have these concerns in mind:

  1. What is the impact on the vehicle’s finishes?
  2. What is the impact on customer and employee safety?
  3. What is the impact on the environment?
  4. What gives my customer the brightest, shiniest driest vehicle?

Let us focus on the car wash owner that chooses to use “gentler non-corrosive chemistry.” Why do they choose to use some of the finest cleaning and protectant products available in the market today?

  • Brighter, shinier, dryer vehicles for their customers.
  • Protection of their customers vehicles.
  • Concern over their customer and their employee safety.

“Gentle non-corrosive chemistry” products APPEAR TO COST operators more. BUT, this operator cared enough
about the customer’s vehicles, the concern for customer and employee protection and health, and the environment . . . to invest in the “added expense” of HIGH END “gentler non-corrosive chemistry”.

We call it Hot-Shot Xtreme™! It is like sunscreen for your vehicle! It really does make a

Remember, that an operator who chooses to use “cheap, corrosive chemistry” damages vehicles’ finishes and puts customers and employees alike at a greater risk.

GREAT OPERATORS realize that in order to maintain a successful business, they must . . . put their customers’ vehicles and health first. Followed by concerns for their employee’s health and being environmentally responsible. Everyone wins, but their competitor!

GREAT OPERATORS make the choice to use “gentler, non-corrosive chemistry”.

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