A frequently asked question about the SHINE & SHIELD™ Ultra Guard Protection Package is: Please explain why I should buy this protectant package? I don’t see the value in such a system.

Using three great examples, we will clarify this product’s:

  1. Value to the customer
  2. The benefit in increased revenue and profit enhancement for the car wash owner

1) Car Wash Customer Speaks . . .

Plain and simple customers speak with their pocketbook . . . where available 35 to 50% of customers purchase the premium wash package which includes the SHINE & SHIELD™ technology.

This added income, in many cases, produces enough extra revenue to cover the carwash owner’s annual chemical costs, for the wash, or helps pay for a new automatic machine, when a replacement is needed.

2) Employees at a Full Serve Wash Speak . . .

An employee of a full serve wash, (one that included the SHINE & SHIELD protectant package) made this observation: in their Detailing Bays, customers were no longer purchasing Express Wax/Polish packages. Reason? Customers were receiving the same quality result in the tunnel wash, with the SHINE & SHIELD protection package, without having to pay the extra cost of the Detailing Packages.

3) Major Equipment Manufacturer Speaks . . .

A Southern Californian distributor recently revealed, to me, that one of the largest equipment manufacturers in the world wondered how they were getting cars so clean and bright. Results that they couldn’t duplicate

ANSWER: Our Southern California distributor using the SHINE AND SHIELD protection package.


Why don’t you start using SHINE & SHIELD today your customers’ vehicles today and experience BRIGHTER, SHINIER VEHICLES with added customer satisfaction and increased owner revenue!

Added customer satisfaction, added owner revenue. EVERYONE WINS except your competitor!

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