A great line of products also in standard, 2x and 3x concentrations.


Our polymer presoaks are the best in the industry. There’re technologically advanced formulations are perfect for washing cars, trucks and industrial vehicles in many types washing facilities. Concentrated presoaks formulations will penetrate and loosen road film and bug residues with minimal scrubbing.

  • Acidic Presoak (Tunnel, In-Bay)
  • Acidic Body Soak (Tunnel, In-Bay)
  • Alkaline Presoak (Tunnel, In-Bay)
  • Presoak Liquid (Self Serve)
  • High-Pressure Detergent Liquid (Tunnel, In-Bay, Self Serve)
  • High-Pressure Detergent Presoak Powder (Tunnel, In-Bay, Self Serve)


Advanced polymers and super concentrated formulas produce extreme foam for complete coverage and maximum surface cling, cleaning and lubricity. Designed for self serves, in-bays and tunnels applications.

  • Friction Wash / Prep Detergent (Tunnel, In-Bay)
  • High-Pressure Detergent / Presoak Powder (Tunnel, In-Bay)


These are like foaming polish “on steroids!” They clean, polish, brighten and apply a protective polymer layer on the vehicle surface. Our polishes cover the vehicle in a colorful foam that customers love and produces a high shine leaving a protective polymer layer behind.

  • Foam Brush Liquid – Gold, Blue, Pink, White, Green Apple (Self Serve)
  • Foam Brush Liquid – Green Apple (Tunnel, In-Bay, Self Serve)
  • Self Serve Combo Foam Brush / Polish – Pink, White (Self Serve)


Premium Polymer drying aids which produce high levels of beading. Well suited for many different pressure and different rinse wax/protectant applications. High beading action make them a favorite with customers and operators alike. Our drying aids improve blower efficiency in tunnel, self-serve and in-bay automatic washes.

  • Clear Coat Conditioner / Brightener – Blue, Gold, White, Red, (Tunnel, In-Bay, Self Serve)
  • Clear Coat Sealant (Tunnel, In-Bay, Self Serve)
  • Clear Coat Sealant – Grape (Tunnel, In-Bay, Self Serve)


Polymer based bug removers design for todays advanced vehicle finishes.

Acid safe and high alkaline wheel cleaners that cut through the break dust and grime.

Underbody Polymer based protection for the best protection in the industry.

  • Wheel and Tire (Self Serve)
  • Mag Chloride / Road Film Remover Liquid (Self Serve)
  • Bug Remover Liquid (Self Serve)

*All products available for private labeling


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