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The Real Cost of Cheap-Corrosive Car Wash Chemistry in Your Car Wash

Recently, I witnessed the use of one product that was so blatantly misused, in the wrong application, that it posed a potentially dangerous, if not life threatening, risk to people’s health.   This is the reason this article was written. It addresses the inappropriate misuse of this product and others like it.  It also examines […]

The Truth About Shine & Shield™ Ultra Shield

A frequently asked question about the SHINE & SHIELD™ Ultra Guard Protection Package is: Please explain why I should buy this protectant package? I don’t see the value in such a system. Using three great examples, we will clarify this product’s: Value to the customer The benefit in increased revenue and profit enhancement for the […]

Great Operators and the Use of First Class Safer, Gentler Effective Car Wash Chemistry

Choices . . . every car wash owner must make critical choices in the use of cleaning chemicals. Great operators make the choice to use “gentler non-corrosive chemistry” in their cleaning products. Other operators, choose the “cheap corrosive chemisty” inexpensive approach to “burn” their customers’ cars clean. Damaging vehicles and putting employee’s and customer’s safety […]